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Budget Holiday

The amazing Maldives welcomes anyone coming to enjoy their pristine beaches, offering accommodation of all variety and sizes.

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Virgin Island

A popular honeymoon destination, The Virgin Islands is located at a secluded area easily accessible by boat or sea-plane.

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Known to be a surfer’s destination, Maldives have many surf sites which come in both consistent wave and fast and rapid wave beaches.

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Welcome to Maldives! A collection of twenty six atolls scattered in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is the smallest Asian country, by both population and land area. Famous for its pristine beaches, white sands and the exotic coral reef with marine life, the island welcomes its visitors with the smiles of its locals to a true paradise.

Country at a Glance

Maldives is blessed with deep blue seas, rich coral reefs and white sandy beaches across all its islands. Each island is unique on its own; some inhabited by the locals while there are still other uninhabited islands which one can spend time on their own, with only the ocean and the trees to keep company.

Diving, Fishing, Snorkeling, Surfing are some of the activities tourist and locals enjoy alike, while others can site by the beach and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail at hand.

Time: GMT+5hrs
Capital Island: Male’
Total islands: 1,190
Inhabited islands: 200
Resort islands: 105
Population: Approx. 350,000

Location & Geography

Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives is situated in the Indian Ocean, consisting of 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls, across 90,000 square kilometers. Each ring like atoll has its own coral reef with several islands taking its place among the atoll, allowing each to have its own unique area of reef. These coral reefs are the perfect home for much underwater marine life.

Out of the Maldives islands, there are about 200 inhabited islands of which 90% is developed for tourism, while others remain as uninhabited or used for other livelihood purposes.


The Maldives, for the majority of its history remained as a free nation, despite the much dominance from the Portuguese, The Dutch and the English. The country finally gained its independence from the British in 1965 and became a republic, ruled by a president and a government in 1968.

While this is the brief history of the country, most locals know also its history by the mythical and legendary stories related from generation to generation on how brave men fought the sea monsters and saved their country.


Maldivian culture is heavily influenced by the two countries closest to it, the Sri Lanka and southern India. The official language Dhiveli displays the cultural influence, having similarities of Elu and ancient Sinhalese. Today, most Maldivian schools teach English as a second language as it is widely getting used in commerce.

Maldivian history has a long period of Buddhism which later converted to Islam, with the introduction of this by the Muslim traders. Today, one can see the influence of the Arabians with the architecture of the building s and monuments.

The Environment

The coral reefs surrounding Maldives plays a huge role in the Maldives environment. This was displayed by the President and the Cabinet when they went underwater to sign a declaration for global climate change.

It is these surrounding coral reefs that protect the islands from wind and waves, thus sustaining the livelihoods of the people. Therefore, several measure are taken by the government to ensure protecting of these corals, introducing fishing areas and particular diving areas etc. to ensure that all locals and well as visitors pay careful consideration while they use and enjoy these beautiful surrounds.

Weather & Climate

If you’re looking for the combination of sun, sand and sea, Maldives gives you the picture perfect view of them all. Here is a true paradise where one can enjoy the average temperature of 30 degree Celsius throughout the year. Pack your lightest cloths and more of your swimming gear to enjoy the weather and surroundings.

Maldives have two climates being dry and wet season, northeast monsoon and southeast monsoon hitting the island during January to March and the latter from mid-May to November.


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