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Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,

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Sigiriya is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. The ancient rock fortress and palace of Sigiriya,

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Canoeing and Kayaking

With many rivers and swamps to choose from, those interested in canoeing and kayaking can enjoy

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Star Class Hotels

Sri Lanka is known to have some star class destination to stay and enjoy during your visit. These types of hotels have spacious suites with larger living areas, which are perfect for both families and couples. The executive suites offer a personal valet service, private check-in and check-out, internet access and many other facilities constantly upgraded to keep with a world on the move.

Boutique hotels

A boutique hotel is one that is generally not chain-affiliated, features an intimate and stylish appearance, and provides impeccable amenities. Many of these hotels are small, ranging from single digit rooms to fewer than 100, some in major cities have well over 100 rooms. They are sometimes hip and at other times historic, and some are unique in design, architecture, or theme. The hotel usually distinguishes itself in these areas: design, service, and target market.

Beach villas

Beach Villas are very close to the beach and designed especially for a family group or a group of travelers who love bare foot beach surrounded by comfort. The swimming pool for guests to relax or in brilliant waters of Indian Ocean perched with unspoiled golden sand. Guest could dine under the stars on beach enjoying over delicious western and eastern cuisine with Personalize service.


Sri Lanka is well famous on Ayurveda and there are many hotels in Sri Lanka with Ayurveda treatments. These hotels provide you Ayurvedic treatments based on the diagnose by qualified Ayurveda Doctors in a very serene environment with comfortable accommodation, good food which suites and compliments the Ayurveda treatments.

Eco lodge

Basically Eco lodge means the place which is designed to accommodate eco tourists, people who are interested in traveling in a ecologically-friendly way. The facilities at an ecolodge can be quite varied, from simple tents to luxurious spa retreats. Several characteristics differentiate an ecolodge from other types of hotels like building materials may be recycled, for example, and the facility may be powered with alternative energy. Graywater recycling systems water the gardens

Home Stays in Sri Lanka

With the high demand of tourism, Sri Lanka has started to develop many home stay facilities which is suit for foreigners in the island wide. Sri Lanka Tourism has also launched the promotional programme for Home-Stays, Bungalows and Rented Houses/ Rented Apartments with reasonable price and the foreigners can stay with their families.


In simply camping is atype of holiday where you sleep outside in tents, these "holidays" usually take place in grassy areas, lake districts or jungle. It is a different opportunity what you get after the staying one night. Just try and see


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