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Popular Beach Locations

Sri Lanka is known for its beaches, being blessed with the Indian Ocean around the island. To find the best beach experience for your needs, you must find out the popular beach spots and the variety available for you.

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We are holiday designers for all your specialized tour needs in Sri Lanka. Our team of professional guides / chauffeurs will accommodate your travel and tours to Sri Lanka...

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Star Class Hotels

Sri Lanka is known to have some star class destination to stay and enjoy during your visit.

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Boutique hotels

A boutique hotel is one that is generally not chain-affiliated, features an intimate and stylish appearance, and provides impeccable amenities.

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Beach villas

Beach Villas are very close to the beach and designed especially ...

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Budget Holiday

The amazing Maldives welcomes anyone coming to enjoy their pristine beaches, offering accommodation of all variety and sizes.

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Family Holiday

Enjoying time with family during holidays is the most important factor when selecting a family holiday destination.

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Surfing Holiday

With many waves hitting on the islands, surfers can find different sizes of waves in different parts of the country’s islands.

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Sri Lanka is well famous on Ayurveda and there are many hotels in Sri Lanka with Ayurveda treatments.

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Eco lodge

Basically Eco lodge means the place which is designed to accommodate eco tourists, people who are interested in traveling in a ecologically-friendly way.

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